Please note that for the perfect pair of spectacles, accurate measurements need to be taken. These measurements are guaranteed to be correct if you visit us in store for an eye examination.



Following an eye examination from your registered optician you should automatically be given a copy of your prescription. This is a requirement from the Opticians Act of 1989. This prescription will give us the information we require to make up your spectacles.

Your prescription must be in date (no older than 2 years). If it is out of date, we must ask you to have another eye examination before ordering new spectacles.

Your optician should advise if you require distance, reading or intermediate spectacles. Sometimes you will only need one prescription or you may need all three or a combination of the three.

Care must be taken when entering your prescription details. Please check you provide the correct symbol (+ or –) and enter the information under the correct heading (Sphere (Sph), Cylinder (Cyl), Axis and Addition (Add)). Sometimes a prescription can be difficult to read. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Here are some examples of written prescriptions:




The pupillary distance (PD) is the distance measured between the centre of your pupils. This measurement allows the optical centre of the lens to match the centre of your pupils, therefore giving you optimum vision. If you know your PD measurement please enter it correctly on the order form. As this measurement never changes for an individual (only when changing from distance to reading spectacles or vice versa), if you don't know your PD measurement you can send us an old pair of spectacles so we can measure this distance accurately for you. Another option is to use a default average measurement . 

  • default PD for men is 64 distance and 60 reading
  • default PD for women 62 distance and 59 reading

If you select this option we may need to get in touch with you if there is any concern



When accurate measurements are not taken we can only supply spectacles to a prescription of no more than +/-6.00 Spherical (Sph) and +/-2.00 Cylinder (Cyl).



Bifocal and varifocal lenses require more complex and accurate measuring that may vary from frame to frame. We feel these measurements can only be made when you visit our store personally. Therefore, we will only supply bifocal or varifocal lenses in store with the exception of the following:

  • When we are reglazing an existing frame which has already been glazed with this type of lens and has been measured accurately. As we are able to copy these measurement we will be confident your vision will not be affected by inaccurate measurements. For more information see our reglazing your own frame page.
  • If you know your correct frame measurements, and can send us lenses and an old frame, so measurements can be copied exactly.