Because seeing is believing


Children’s eyes are fully developed by the time they are 8 years old so it is vital that any problems are detected before this age.

It is recommended that children have their eyes tested before they are 4 years old as the earlier a problem is detected the more likely it can be successfully treated. It is also recommended to have an eye examination before starting school or learning to read in order to detect any problems that could lead to poor development at school.

Cause for concern:

  • sitting too close to the TV
  • holding a book too close
  • squinting or screwing up eyes to look at something
  • being clumsy / Bumping into objects
  • excessive blinking
  • poor performance at school
  • difficulty identifying colours
  • headaches
  • watery eyes
  • looking cross eyed 



At SightDirect eye examinations are FREE (normally £15) for all children 18 years or under and in full-time education. Please bring proof of age and full-time eduction to one of our stores. 

Please feel free to contact us to book an eye examination.



SightDirect offer a wide range of FREE spectacles to children 18 years or under who are in full-time education. We also have designer frames available, such as Ray-Ban and Guess, which are available at an extra fee of £40 with a current NHS voucher.

It is against the law to sell spectacles online to anyone under 16. However, fully qualified opticians will be at our stores in Low Fell and Chester-le-Street for face-to-face dispensing.